About Amy Coney Barrett

Brief Bio

Amy Coney Barrett, a federal appellate judge and Notre Dame law professor, has been nominated by President Trump to the Supreme Court. She graduated from Notre Dame Law School and later joined the faculty. She clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia and shares his constitutional views. She is described as a textualist who interprets the law based on its literal words and is an originalist who applies the Constitution as it was understood by those who drafted and ratified it.

During her confirmation hearing for her current judgeship, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California suggested to her that the “dogma lives loudly within you.” This was an attack on her faith and became a rallying cry for those who cherish religious liberty.

Amy Coney Barrett lives in South Bend, IN with her husband Jesse and they have seven children, ranging in age from 8-19. Two of the Barrett children are adopted from Haiti. Their youngest biological child has special needs. Barrett is a practicing Catholic.

We invite people of all faiths to pray daily for Judge Barrett and her family as she undergoes rigorous and potentially virulent scrutiny.




The Idea

We believe in the power of prayer. We believe that when the people of God unite in prayer, He answers our prayers.

We believe Amy is a woman of faith and deserves our spiritual support.

This is not a political statement or campaign initiative. We are just fellow believers making a bold and decisive spiritual stand.

Time to Pray

In our world today we have become so busy that we often forgotten what matters most. During these challenging times we have been reminded of the importance of family, values, and our faith. 

Will you actually make time in your busy schedule to pray for Amy and her family? If so please sign the prayer pledge and make it happen. 

Share + Invite

If you believe in this simple campaign to pray, would you help us reach your world? Whenever two or more are gathered, Jesus is present in our midst. Let’s gather as many people who will pray for this campaign!